The First Deck Of Cards On Dice



The 9 amazing Square Shooters® dice are printed with a full deck of 52 cards plus 2 jokers—every playing card face from a standard deck of cards are on there!

The dice are patented with a special design so you can roll hands for rummy, poker, 21 and many more games.

For example, the dice can achieve every 4-of-a-kind, every rummy run, every straight flush, and every royal flush!

While you can use Square Shooters® to create a dice version of almost any card game, you can get started with two games we’ve created: The Original Square Shooters® game and now Rodeo Rummy™!

Check out our awards and great reviews here!

Here’s a quick demo video about the dice:

Square Shooters Dice

“Always drink upstream from the herd” ~Will Rogers.

US Patent

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