The First Deck Of Cards On Dice



The idea for Square Shooters® occurred to Carmelyn late one night when she had the simple thought that 9 dice have 54 total surfaces – a perfect match to a standard deck of cards. her next thought was that to be marketable as a deck of cards on dice, the dice must be able to achieve all of the hands needed to play poker, rummy, and most other card games.

Before the sun came up the next day she had answered the question: YES you can! With Square Shooters®, you can roll any straight flush, royal flush, and 4-of-a-kind! Carmelyn’s husband James woke up to find his wife sound asleep, his miter-saw on the kitchen counter, saw dust everywhere, and some wooden dice with hand-drawn cardfaces lying about.

Encouraged by her best friend, Paula Johnson, Carmelyn found a production and distribution partner in 2007. Carmelyn soon realized the strong potential for the game after attending many consumer toy shows and summer festivals, along with seeing great sales results at stores who put the game on their shelves.

Realizing she needed a marketing and distribution partner, Carmelyn signed an exclusive, global licensing agreement with Heartland Consumer Products, LLC in Spring 2010. A national marketer of playing cards and other products, including the Vegas® brand of casino-quality cards, Heartland is based near Cleveland, Ohio.

Sadly, Carmelyn passed away on September 22, 2015. She will be forever missed by her beloved family and friends.

“Letting the cat out of the bag is a whole lot easier than putting it back in.” ~Will Rogers

Carmelyn Calvert and Sales Team

Carmelyn Calvert (L) and the Square Shooters® consumer sales team

Carmelyn Calvert and Sales Team

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Square Shooters

Carmalyn Calvert (L) and friend Paula Johnson with WSOP contender Dennis Phillips