The First Deck Of Cards On Dice



“One of the most amazing inventions you will ever see…mindblowing!” The National Parenting Center



Three Different Directions: “Because the game has both easy and difficult tasks it is a perfect game to play with everyone in the family.” read more

Troll in the Corner: “If you want an alternative to a regular deck of cards, or just a fun game to play while you’re waiting for your regular game to start, give Square Shooters® a look. 5 out of 5 stars” read more

National Parenting Center: “This is one of the most unique and amazing inventions you will ever see…mindblowing!”

Like it a Latte: Square Shooters® meets (and exceeds) all my Family Game Night requirements! The possibilities are truly endless — making Square Shooters® the only game you need to pack on your next family vacation. read more

The Game Aisle: This is a fun dice game that is actually multiple games in one all using a set of nine “square shooters®” dice that were developed by Carmelyn Calvert. read more

Tiff’sPixieDust: My son really enjoyed playing it with me and asked if we could play it again sometime. You just know my answer was – Of course! [Square Shooters®] is a fun game that would be a hit for all audiences. read more

GameHead: The ‘first’ that applies to new game Square Shooters® is that this is ‘The First Deck of Cards on Dice’. We’ve had poker dice before, of course, but now you get all 52 playing cards, one on each face of nine dice. read more

“If you’re riding ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it’s still there.” ~Old West Proverb

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