The First Deck Of Cards On Dice



Introduced in 2011 to several awards and rave reviews, our first game to feature these amazing dice is great for families, parties, poker players…did we miss anyone!?

Flip a game card and try to match the hand shown in three rolls or less. Get the hand before your rolls are up and win some chips! Watch for “Shootout” cards that can change your luck.

The fast action with matching goals is familiar to anyone who has enjoyed some of the most popular dice games, but Square Shooters® has much more variety than the typical game. With its special twists and turns and the versatility of our dice, Square Shooters® joins the best ever at the top of the dice game list.

Check out our awards and great reviews here!


And here’s a quick demo video about the game:

“Don’t squat with your spurs on.” ~Will Rogers

about the dice

Click here to download instructions for Square Shooters®!

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